Catalyzing Sustainable Transformation (CaST) Network

We work with partners to enable an environment for transformation.

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CaST Network is an action and policy research institution that critically assess the different dimension of development in the Global South. It takes a holistic view of development emphasizing the rights, equality, and justice of the most marginalized population in the mainstream economic development narrative. CaST approach towards market systems development takes into cognition the human, social and planetary wellbeing. CaST maintains strong ethical integrity in ensuring the rigor and robustness of data and inclusive representation of voices. 

Our team

Our experts come from a strong background in climate resilience, food systems, data science, policy and governance who work together and bring systems thinking approach to catalyse sustainable transformation of the socio-economic systems through research and policy innovation.

Mehrab Ali


Mr Mehrab Ali has a multidisciplinary background of economics, management and data analysis for over 12 years.

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Syed Muntasir Ridwan

Co-founder & CEO

Mr. Ridwan has strong experience in bridging public-private partnerships, and he has worked in the large-scale food fortification program 

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Shamir Shehab

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Shamir Shehab is a public policy analyst in the intersection of climate change, environment, and development.

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Dr Tanima Ahmed


Dr. Tanima Ahmed is a prominent economist concentrating on applied microeconomics. 

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Hossain Ahmed Taufiq


Hossain Ahmed Taufiq is an academic and development researcher with seven years of experience 

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Tareq Aman Amit

Private Sector Development Expert

Tareq Aman Amit is a finance specialist with more than ten years experience

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Sayed Azaz Ahmed

Qualitative Research Expert

Mr. Azaz is a consumer expert with more than ten years of experience in marketing and qualitative research.

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Al Jumlat Ahmed

Renewable Energy Expert

Al Jumlat Ahmed is a Ph.D. Researcher specializing in energy material and technology

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Mohammed Ilhamul Huq

Information Technology Specialist

Mohammed Ilhamul Huq is an IT professional and business analysis expert with a proven track record . 

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Quamrun Nahar Meghla

Business Consultant

Quamrun is a Business Consultant with experience in projects centered on climate change, nutrition, and infrastructure development.

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