CaST Network

Research Assistant

Dear Applicant, 
Greetings from Catalyzing Sustainable Transformation (CaST). 
The application has three sections, it is mandatory to complete all sections to be eligible for review of your application. We will carefully review all the completed application. We are seeking candidate with deep intellectual curiosity about wellbeing and ecological sustainability of human and its environment in developing countries.  

Catalyzing Sustainable Transformation (CaST) Network is an action and policy  research and advocacy institution that provides a systematic and evidence-driven  solution to some of the complex development challenges of the Global South. We aim to become a think-and-do tank that generates on-the-ground evidence on the challenges and opportunities for sustainable transformation of our socio-economic,  political, and ecological systems and catalyze necessary policy reforms.  CaST has expertise in the field of:

  •   Food systems innovation
  •   Gender Rights and Justice
  •   Nature Conservation
  •   Climate change and disaster resilience  
  •   Social protection  
  •   Health systems innovation  
Job description
Overall purpose: 
The Research Assistant (RA) of CaST Network will shape the research, advisory and entrepreneurship capacity building across thematic areas of CaST. The RA is going to take leadership in identifying exciting research and advisory prospects in the fields of climate change, nature conservation, food systems innovation, health systems innovation, and social protection. RA will develop the technical proposals, the data collection tools and protocol, under the guidance of the Senior Management of CaST Network and follow the quality control protocol for ensuring robust research methods and compliance with the requirements of the Terms of Reference (TOR). The RA will also explore advanced methods in qualitative and quantitative approach, explore wide diversity of literature, in continuously improve the quality of research conducted.  
The RA will support the research team in developing policy advocacy tools, stakeholder engagement and different social media engagement activities.    
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Develop technical proposals for different research and advisory project under the guidance of the project management team  
  • Maintain communication with research partners and clients on the specific requirements of the client regarding activities and timeline  
  • Conduct secondary research to discover the existing literature on the topic and keep an annotated note of the major findings
  • Prepare inception report with detailed field plan and make necessary revisions in the workplan 
  • Support the research team in development of research tools
  • Prepare the data collection protocol with detailed quality control plan
  • Prepare the logistics for data collection 
  • Maintain communication with the client to confirm the logistics of data collection
  • Carry out data collection from the field and transcribe the interviews
  • Highlight the key thematic areas in the interview 
  • Outline the final report development of the research reports
  • Support the management team in writing blogs, social media posts
  • Support in organizing policy advocacy events and webinars
Key Organizational Relationships:
  •   Reports to the CEO and Managing Partner of CaST Network
  •   Coordinates with research team for different project  
  •  Graduate in English Literature/ Journalism/Sociology/Anthropology/Environmental Management/Political Science/Forest Management or any other social sciences disciplines who enjoys research work and are aim to build a research career 
  • Minimum 1-2 years full-time relevant work experience or volunteering experience on business development and research for activist organizations