CaST Network


CaST Network is a circle of intellectuals, activists, and environmentalists with a desire to shape a just, equal, and sustainable world. CaST offers young researchers, activists and aspiring intellectual a space to nurture their thoughts and ideas on critical areas of research and activism on rights, justice, and ecological sustainability.  CaST aspires to be a think and do tank based in Bangladesh but with Global South footprint. We are looking for new family members who have long term commitments towards the wellbeing of people in Bangladesh and the Global South.  

CaST values researchers and activists with strong ethical grounding and consciousness regarding the state of injustice of the marginalised population in the Global South. Moreover, a critical understanding regarding the harmfulness of the capitalistic economy and the current “development” regime. 

CaST strongly believes in a fair, transparent and merit-based compensation package that adequately covers the living expenses and a working environment that strongly values collaboration and shared wellbeing. CaST offers a flexible working environment and progressive leave policy to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life without anxiety and mental stress.

CaST is currently pursuing research and activism work in the following domains:


We are currently looking for a –

  • Research Assistant

    Candidates who are looking to migrate to Global North countries are kindly discouraged to apply to CaST, as we are looking for candidates who want to be strongly rooted in Bangladesh and are sincere about its welfare.